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Claude, a passionate cyclist with a contagious drive, gives a second life to used bikes by sending them to the South. Where do these bicycles go and how do they improve people's lives ? From Quebec' s winter to Central America, the documentary rides off the beaten path and presents the many opportunities a bike can offer, socially, politically and economically, through encounters with five endearing characters. Abner avoids criminality thanks to the bicycle. Bélony can now go to school everyday. Luis is rolling to feed his family. And Carlos builds bike machines with endless uses. The bicycle is then more than just a hobby or a mean of transportation, it becomes a true tool of change for those who get on it.


                                    LENGHT: 47 minutes

                                    FORMAT: 16.9 HD

                                    GENRE: documentary

                                    DIRECTORS: Etienne Langlois & Pauline Cordier

                                    PRODUCER: Productions Rapide Blanc & Productions Trinité + 1

NEXT STEP: Premiere date!

We won amazing prices during the 2015 Cuban Hat pitch contest, that helped us for our postproduction. Among the prices, a financial help from the NFB's ACIC – Independent Filmmaker Assistance Program, which helped us with our sound design, sound editing and mixing, in june 2018. The premiere date will be revealed soon!

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